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Kopieer, print en hang deze poster opHelp my friend is locked up in a migrant prison in Holland! What can I do?

When your friend is locked up in a migrant prison in the Netherlands, you will have a lot of questions. We will try to answer most of them right below. You may also download the text as a PDF to print it, read it or pass it on

Possibly  the Custodial Institutions Agency (DJI) is able to give you an answer to your questions. There are a few pages in English on their website
There is a paragraph about the 'service desk' of the Schiphol/Amsterdam Airport Detention Centre well-hidden between paragraphs in Dutch on this page: Here you may find telephone numbers and addresses.

The website is from a small volunteers organization, organizing vigils in front of a migrant prison near the Schiphol (Amsterdam) airport to encourage the prisoners and to protest the Dutch policy of jailing innocent migrants who are no criminals at all, but only have no permit to stay.
More information about this issue you can find at:

In this sort of prison the government is doing nothing for correction. There is no work, no education, no help to find a job or a house or make contacts.

There is also a visitors group which is visiting the migrants in jail once in a week for two hours.
For more information write Sofie Jansen:

There is also an organization supporting the migrants in prison with legal advice called: Immigration Detention Hotline -

There is an other organization to help refugees called Vluchtelingenwerk. One official of this organisation has an office in the Schiphol prison. Contact: 

There is an organisation called BONJO as well. It is an umbrella organisation for volunteer groups assisting prisoners and their families outside. This organisation has contacts in migrant prisons, but is more focused on prisons for criminals. Contact: or Jaap Brandligt, who knows 'everything':

Good luck!
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